cutting-edge analytics. new experience.

The magic lies in our data analysis algorithm — Green Voices. It analyzes the main energy metering data to derive appliance-level energy breakdowns without incurring hardware costs of installing smartplugs at individual appliance plugpoints.

Households can now enjoy up to 60 percent cost savings as compared with the tradition Home Energy Management System (HEMS) strip and enjoy an affordable HEMS at home.

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we pledge to reduce.

We pledge to engage and help millions of energy consumers save energy, save money and reduce global carbon emissions. 

We started in early 2012 off a hot-desking space in Singapore with just 2 co-founders, focusing on delivering solutions to improve energy efficiencies and make the world a better place.

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we save energy.

Intraix had been previous involved in various energy saving collaborations – energy dashboarding, energy management for home owners and for offices.

Our team had the honor of working together with renowned parties such as International Plaza, Seraya Energy, National University of Singapore and Southwest CDC amongst many.

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our battle scars.

Intraix received various recognition from different bodies such as The Angel’s Gate, Canon Young Entrepreneurs Award and also being featured on various articles.

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